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This is a team identity exercise, focussing discussion on your organisation's core values, key brand elements, mode of operation, etc. It's particularly useful where there's been a merging of different teams or cultures, or some other large change. And because it has a strong visual component, it works well with participants who have English as a second language. (Graeme ran this workshop in Shanghai with Nortel Networks people from across Asia.)

The activity involves creating a visual identity for your organisation, in the shape of a mediaeval coat of arms. Each small group is given coloured textas plus several pieces of paper that, when stuck together, form a coat of arms. Group members discuss and agree on six strong images that represent your organisation, its values, culture and business approach. (What makes your company different to any other? What image could represent that?)

Members then draw images onto sections and stick them together to form a large coat of arms, which they show to the whole group, explaining why they highlighted certain aspects of the organisation over others. This leads to a healthy discussion about the very core of your organisation, as each group will have come up with a different design.

Depending on client requirements, Graeme often integrates this workshop with one of his other Better Business Workshops or creative thinking presentations: ‘How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head’ or ‘Uncork Your Creative Genie’. He may also serve as Master of Ceremonies or Facilitator for your overall event. Visit these pages to get a better feel for his unique approach.

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