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Why engage a futurist to generalise about the unknown when, collectively, your own people are already well aware of the trends, technologies and other factors most likely to influence your organisation's direction? All you need is a way to draw out and develop those valuable existing insights.

Facilitated by Graeme Bowman, the DIY Futurist workshop gives your team an energising and entertaining way to explore their own future, as they generate unusual but highly relevant ideas worthy of further exploration.

Each small group comes up with a brief description of what your organisation may look like in five years time. Importantly, they not only think of products, services or marketing methods that are completely plausible, they also think of some that are less plausible. They then weave these into a two minute story they tell to the whole group. The aim of each group is to convince the other groups that all their ideas are plausible. What is fact and what is fiction?

They share their views at the end and discuss what value there is in the far-fetched ideas, and what would have to happen to make them feasible.

This is a great workshop that fosters plenty of valuable interaction and discussion. Perfect as an ice-breaker early in the day, or energiser after lunch.

Depending on client requirements, Graeme often integrates this workshop with one of his other Better Business Workshops or creative thinking presentations: ‘How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head’ or ‘Uncork Your Creative Genie’. He may also serve as Master of Ceremonies or Facilitator for your overall event.

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