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A high-level conference or prestigious event is no place to experiment with an inexperienced MC, comedian or speaker. Graeme Bowman has a strong track record with blue-chip clients in the IT and Telecommunications industries.

He's a proven performer as a Hoax Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Corporate Comedian, Creative Thinking Presenter, Workshop Facilitator and Writer. All this adds up to someone whose ‘seriously quirky' approach adds genuine value and versatility to conferences, events, product launches and awards dinners.

Read the following testimonials, then watch these two short video clips:

Introduction to Graeme Bowman

Hoax Speaker
Introduction Hoax Speaker

You'll also discover, throughout this site, brief audio clips recorded in front of live audiences.

"Graeme delivered a great 'hoax' presentation at our recent Business Partner dinner. The whole audience really enjoyed his performance with some saying they had tears in their eyes from laughing so much."
IBM Retail Solutions

"Truly convincing show at our National Dealer and Retailer Channels Conference. Your act provided a refreshing source of laughter, but at the same time conveyed some important messages which we needed to communicate."

"Our franchisee's were in absolute stitches and kept looking around to see if this was a serious presentation."
Optus Consumer Sales

"Fabulous performance for our staff Christmas party. Your act of being our new Deputy CEO was extremely successful."
Transact Communications

"At our Channel Conference, your characterisations were enjoyed by the whole audience."

"The variety of characters, which ranged from Austen Powers and a truckie through to a sales rep and a shareholder, added considerable value to the business presentations by highlighting key messages in a humorous but relevant fashion."
Nortel Networks

"You brought out the best in the senior executives you interviewed on stage. The interview with our new Managing Director was particularly important, and added a great deal of value, as it was the first time many of the audience had seen him."
Lucent Technologies

"You did a terrific job making 250 people laugh. There was a real buzz in the room that night, and your talk added to the celebratory atmosphere."
IBM Systems Technology Group

"Many people commented that they hadn't laughed as much for years."
Southern Cross Computer Systems

"Many thanks for your fantastic contribution to our recent product launch and roadshow. Your hoax speech as Dr Geoffrey Trescothick and interactive larger-than-life devil's advocate character, "Trev", really helped to bring each event to life and make it memorable for a very diverse audience. After seven presentations across Australia, attendee feedback has been the highest in any seminar we have run. This series of events has ensured that the Quantum messages are remembered above the myriad of all others that our clients are inundated with. In follow-up with attendees, it was clear that the core messages stuck, and this paved the way for the next step in our sales process. Because of the entertaining approach, customers were very receptive to what we have to offer. As we were launching a highly specialised and technical IT product, these events could have been very dry, but the humour and quirkiness you injected kept everyone fresh and focused, even at breakfast time! It was also valuable to have some of the genuine, serious material conveyed by Dr Trescothick, while Trev raised important issues that would have been on the audience's mind in a Q&A format with a difference."

"Not only were you consistently labeled as one of the most entertaining and useful speakers, people thought your style and content were "fantastic" and "brilliant"! Many people thought that you were indeed the highlight of the event and found real value from your workshops."
Association & Communications Events

"Graeme Bowman has made me a very popular person with the managers. We had a very intense, business-focused couple of days and our ‘guest speaker on branding' was a breath of fresh air ... no-one, not even our sharp-eyed CFO, suspected anything was amiss. With a good briefing about our company and a few personalities within the business, Graeme was able to provide some insightful and delightful entertainment that had even the staunchest engineer clutching himself with mirth."
THL Group

"It was terribly important that we had an MC that could carry the evening, with such a diverse range of industries represented. You did brilliantly."
Australian Institute of Project Management (1)

"Graeme's hoax speech was a highlight of the awards dinner. A completely believable and hilarious performance!"
Australian Institute of Project Management (2)

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