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This workshop will motivate your people to challenge their current thinking style, and show them how to escape from old ideas and generate new ones.

It can be a stand-alone workshop or an extension of Graeme's creative thinking keynote, ‘How to Suck Great Ideas Out of Your Head', or his unique hoax/creativity keynote, 'Uncork Your Creative Genie'. These quirky, insightful keynotes hone in on the attitudes and skills needed to create innovative ideas - the sort of ideas that save money and make money.

A great deal can be achieved if a team's creative ability can be enhanced. Armed with an improved attitude and a range of creative thinking skills, individuals and teams can take a fresh approach towards change, towards problem-solving, and towards the realisation of opportunities. In particular, all managers and leaders need creativity tools in their kit-bag. Not having any creativity tools is like having a hammer and chisel, but no pliers or screwdriver - you just don't have the full kit.

As Dr David Tanner, former technical director of DuPont, said, "At DuPont we have many good examples of how our technical people have applied lateral thinking techniques to successfully solve difficult problems. This has resulted in reduced operational costs and in accelerating movement of new products to the marketplace." (For example, one DuPont employee eliminated nine steps in their Kevlar manufacturing process and saved the company $30 million dollars a year.)

It's essential that any workshop on creative thinking and innovation operates at several levels:

  • equipping the participants with practical tools
  • increasing their awareness of the creative process
  • influencing them to adopt a more positive attitude towards their own creative capability
  • modifying their behaviour so that they becomes less judgmental when considering innovative ideas, both their own ideas and the ideas of others.

These are the basic aims of Graeme's keynotes and workshops on Lateral Thinking. Apart from being spiced with humour – given Graeme's background as a corporate entertainer – these sessions also include deadly serious examples showing how creative thinking could be used to prevent plane hijacks. Graeme created these examples in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Now read what clients say about his Lateral Thinking sessions:

"The combination of a one-hour keynote followed by a one-hour workshop hit the mark . . . participants had a great opportunity to hear the principles of creative thinking and were then able to put the tools into practice."

“I really enjoyed your presentation on Creative Thinking. Although I recognised it as based on de Bono's work, the message had never really sunk in before until you demonstrated the Post Its example. As some feedback, my team was stuck last night coming up for a solution on a logistical problem - we could sense a better way, but kept coming up with an old solution. However, after applying the clustering exercise and consciously biting my tongue and avoiding a straight line solution, we are now exploring new options. Not only that but the guys are fully engaged and are building a model out the back as we speak!”
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Depending on client requirements, Graeme often integrates this workshop with one of his other Better Business Workshops. He may also serve as Master of Ceremonies or Facilitator for your overall event. Visit these pages to get a better feel for his unique approach.

For stacks of free tips and insights into creative thinking, click below to visit Graeme's page, 'How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head', from which you can jump to web resources from other top Australian and international experts.