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A high-level conference or prestigious event is no place to experiment with an inexperienced MC, comedian or speaker. Graeme Bowman has a strong track record with blue-chip clients in the Manufacturing sector.

He's a proven performer as a Hoax Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Corporate Comedian, Creative Thinking Presenter, Workshop Facilitator and Writer. All this adds up to someone whose ‘seriously quirky' approach adds genuine value and versatility to conferences, events, product launches and awards dinners.

Read the following testimonials, then watch these two short video clips:

Introduction to Graeme Bowman

Hoax Speaker
Introduction Hoax Speaker

You'll also discover, throughout this site, brief audio clips recorded in front of live audiences.

"Feedback from sales and marketing staff was excellent - they loved you."

"Having already seen one of your performances at my previous organisation, I was keen to use your skills to communicate a serious message in a very funny and relaxed way. As with your previous performance, the humour was outstanding and you had all in the room in fits of laughter."
Dunlop Foams (1)

"Feedback indicated it was the best sales conference many had attended. This was due, in large part, to your involvement under the various guises of Werner Schicklegruber, Clive the Cleaner, The Bushtucker Man and Ken the Activities Director."

"Outstanding! Our guests loved Graeme and he received rousing applause. He did his research well and had our audience convinced till the end of his character's involvement in the industry. Although he was a comedian he also delivered a real and thought provoking talk on innovation. Guests were taking notes."
Cormack Packaging

"Graeme managed to convince many of the fodder industry experts of his supposed knowledge and this was intermingled with some witty concepts ... and provided a nice soft sell message for Integrated Packaging. The audience was completely enthralled and in stitches with hearty belly laughs."
Integrated Packaging

"The hoax was so well done that the majority of the audience believed exactly what he was saying for most of the speech, and were very amused when they finally realised it was a hoax."
Laminex Industries

"You had the team captivated right from the start, and have found that great balance between entertainment and dealing with the serious issues at hand. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other organisations that are looking for a guest presenter to cut through the 'sameness' of a conference and deliver a strong but entertaining message."

"Graeme was engaged to deliver a half-day presentation and workshop to Dunlop Foam sales, marketing and operations people. We were keen to get our team thinking creatively about some important issues, so Graeme kicked off with his keynote address, 'How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head'. This led into a workshop where Graeme facilitated discussion and idea generation around the topics of:

  • Handling sales objections
  • Increasing effectiveness between the Sales and Operations divisions.

Graeme perfectly reflected our brief in delivering a workshop that compelled our group to "buy in" to the true concept of creativity."
Dunlop Foams (2)

"Graeme helped set the scene and facilitated a couple of relevant themed activities during a Strategy Alignment day. As a way of getting people's attention up front, Graeme assumed the character of a Trade Painter and proceeded to 'tell it like it is', focused around our theme of the Consumer needing to be at the heart of everything we do. The activities were tailored to our business, and promoted significant interaction and discussion, not the least of which was the activity around team behaviours, which was something we'll remember for a while to come! Graeme played a large part of keeping the day stimulating and fun, ensuring that people remained fresh, creative and focused on the task at hand. At the end of the day people walked away feeling fresh, rather than drained, and we had achieved what we came to do."
Dulux Group

"The audience were in rapturous laughter, transfixed on your routine."
Engineers Australia

"Many engineers in the audience were taking notes, believing your suggestions were the real deal. The mixture of technology and humour was an excellent fit."
Schneider Electric

"Graeme did a marvellous job at taking on the role of Company Shareholder. Believable at first, with a few choice pointers to the conference's message, the hoax then moved through a variety of stages - from progressively challenging and radical to the wildly outrageous. In the end Graeme had everybody roaring with laughter! Our delegates tell us Graeme's hoax was the most stimulating and enlivening performance they have laughed their way through."
Carter Holt Harvey (1)

"Graeme's creative inspiration enabled each of the three divisions to communicate their specific plans in an entertaining and memorable fashion. Well before the National Sales Conference, he participated in an intensive briefing session at which he helped us to explore the business issues that needed addressing, and how they may best be presented. He assisted ten presenters with the writing of their speeches, helping each one to convey important messages in a manner that was clear, concise and motivational."
Carter Holt Harvey (2)

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