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Product Launch Think about the people you want at your next product launch. In the past, many of them will have been ‘wowed’ at events like an Olympic Games Opening Ceremony or a Cirque du Soleil spectacular. Without a huge budget, you can’t possibly compete with that level of WOW. So don’t try.

Instead, captivate your customers differently: launch with a laugh! Use relevant, original humour to engage your audience, reveal your product and deliver your message. All for a fraction of what you’d pay for even sub-standard razzle-dazzle. You see, cleverly scripted humour is low tech, so it doesn’t need elaborate staging, lighting and special effects. And a concept revolving around a single professional presenter and corporate comedian is very portable, making it perfect for national roadshows.

Furthermore, a humorous approach is ideal if your product is not that visually interesting eg it’s similar to last year’s model, it’s just another ‘black box’, it’s a service, or it’s somewhat intangible, like a financial product.

For over 20 years, Graeme Bowman has been using simple, humorous concepts to help launch products for clients such as Coca Cola, Isuzu and Quantum. (See testimonials below.)

Take in the video and audio clips on this page, then visit the following pages to learn about the characters and roles that can be integrated into a product launch:

Importantly, Graeme can also assist with the more serious aspects of your launch, including executive speechwriting, video production and copywriting for invitations and other launch communications. He can also help prepare your own internal speakers through his Presentation Skills Coaching.

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Mystery Coke Launch GRE Tablet Drinker

"Thanks for your hoax presentation at our recent Coca-Cola launch. I was very pleased with how it turned out. Your impersonation of a Coca-Cola Vice President from head office in Atlanta seemed to have everyone fooled, yet despite their enjoyment of your antics the presentation of the 'serious' material came across very clearly. It was an innovative way for us to convey the necessary information in a fun and entertaining manner."
Coca Cola

“The 700 Retravision delegates were very impressed. The Don (Burke) Dirt character mixing humour, impressions, singing and industry knowledge went over very well to the extent that most delegates voted it the 'Best Presentation' of the Conference.”

“Many thanks for your fantastic contribution to our recent product launch and roadshow. Your hoax speech as Dr Geoffrey Trescothick and interactive larger-than-life devil’s advocate character, “Trev”, really helped to bring each event to life and make it memorable for a very diverse audience. After seven presentations across Australia, attendee feedback has been the highest in any seminar we have run. This series of events has ensured that the Quantum messages are remembered above the myriad of all others that our clients are inundated with. In follow-up with attendees, it was clear that the core messages stuck, and this paved the way for the next step in our sales process. Because of the entertaining approach, customers were very receptive to what we have to offer. As we were launching a highly specialised and technical IT product, these events could have been very dry, but the humour and quirkiness you injected kept everyone fresh and focused, even at breakfast time! It was also valuable to have some of the genuine, serious material conveyed by Dr Trescothick, while Trev raised important issues that would have been on the audience’s mind in a Q&A format with a difference.”