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How to Suck Great Ideas

Graeme Bowman is an experienced Lateral Thinking Facilitator, and his highly entertaining keynote address, ‘How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head', hones in on the attitudes and skills needed to create innovative ideas – the sort of ideas that save money and make money. This address will motivate your people to challenge their current thinking style, and give them valuable tips on how to think more creatively. (See testimonials below.)

This humorous but informative presentation is designed to keep your audience laughing and learning, even during the ‘graveyard shift’ after lunch.

The keynote can also extend into a workshop, where participants get the chance to put creative thinking tools into practice.These tools can also be integrated into a Six Thinking Hats workshop, which is part of Graeme's suite of Better Business Workshops.

Graeme’s creativity keynote can also be combined with a hoax speech, through his unique presentation, ‘Uncork your Creative Genie.’

Now experience Graeme in action, via the video and audio clips on this page.

What Graeme's clients say:

"Our audience was very diverse, being a mix of scientists and administrative people, but your highly entertaining and informative address easily held their attention, and gave them insights into how to think more creatively."
CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences

"Your combination of humour and substance delivered the message very well. The feedback I have received has all been very positive."

"You had the team captivated right from the start, and have found that great balance between entertainment and dealing with the serious issues at hand. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other organisations that are looking for a guest presenter to cut through the 'sameness' of a conference and deliver a strong but entertaining message."


"With little preparation time, Graeme was able to tailor his presentation to our complex industry, and facilitate a worthwhile two hour workshop. The response from my management team was very good. They enjoyed the session and saw value in the creative thinking tools."

“The creativity keynote was excellent - based on valid de Bono theory. It gave generic solutions that could be adapted to our work. The audience just loved it - plenty of humour with some side-splitting moments – very clever content.”
Box Hill Institute

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