Just listen to the demos on this page, and you’ll soon agree that Graeme Bowman is a man of many voices. And he can record those voices in the studio of your choice, or in his own home studio, which can help minimise costs and speed up turnaround times.

Of potential interest to Australian clients is Graeme’s expertise in providing both ‘live’ and ‘recorded’ voices. From a branding and marketing perspective, it makes a lot of sense to have a consistent sound across all your communications. For example, if you were launching a product or creating material for an event, why wouldn’t you want the same voice for both live and recorded components? Graeme’s experience as a conference MC, corporate comedian and speaker could help you achieve the consistency you want.

Graeme also has decades of experience as a copywriter and scriptwriter for major Australian clients, so if your project is in its infancy, or if you’d like someone to cast an editorial eye over an existing script, you may wish to engage other bits of Graeme’s mind and body, in addition to his lips and larynx. (Or, if his lip/larynx thing doesn’t work for you, maybe his sense of humour or ability to simplify complex concepts will suit your scripting requirements.)

Based in South Melbourne, Graeme also has ready access to a trusted network of audio professionals and high-end post-production facilities. This means he is not only just minutes from the the very best in experts and equipment, but he can also arrange a quote or proposal for even the most sophisticated production.