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Better Business WorkshopA business thrives when its people think better, communicate better, and work better as a team.

Graeme Bowman's Better Business Workshops get people thinking, interacting and collaborating. And they do so with a sense of fun, energy and creativity, which makes them an ideal complement to the heavier sessions of a conference or planning day, etc.

The idea is to explore issues important to you, but from unusual or quirky angles, in a way that allows participants to move beyond their default attitudes and behaviours. It's certainly worked well for companies such as Dulux, Vero, Dunlop Foam, Nortel Networks, Sanitarium, Gardner Denver and KCI Medical. (See testimonials below.)

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Do-It-Yourself Futurist
A lighthearted look at the future of your business, which also generates unusual ideas worthy of further exploration.

Coat of Arms

A team identity exercise, focussing discussion on your organisation's core values, key brand elements, mode of operation, etc.

The Product Launch from Hell
Explores the ‘people stuff' that can derail this type of process. Based on a crisis meeting about a doomed product launch.

The Six Thinking Hats

Based on Edward de Bono's ingenious yet easy-to-use process that helps people think about any issue or idea in a focused way.

Lateral Thinking

Gets people to challenge their current thinking style, and helps them escape from old ideas and generate new ones.

Someone Else's Shoes

The aim of this activity is to reduce the ‘us and them' attitude that often exists between different functional areas of an organisation.

Client Comments:

"Graeme helped set the scene and facilitated a couple of relevant themed activities during a Strategy Alignment day for the Dulux business. As a way of getting people's attention up front, Graeme assumed the character of a Trade Painter and proceeded to 'tell it like it is', focused around our theme of the Consumer needing to be at the heart of everything we do. The activities were tailored to our business, and promoted significant interaction and discussion, not the least of which was the activity around team behaviours, which was something we'll remember for a while to come! Graeme played a large part of keeping the day stimulating and fun, ensuring that people remained fresh, creative and focused on the task at hand. At the end of the day people walked away feeling fresh, rather than drained, and we had achieved what we came to do."
Dulux Group

"With little preparation time, Graeme was able to tailor his presentation to our complex industry, and facilitate a worthwhile two hour workshop. The response from my management team was very good. They enjoyed the session and saw value in the creative thinking tools. It is important in these conferences that people can relax, and Graeme was able to do that with his humour and practical approach."

"The session you delivered was tremendous. Conference feedback scored it at 93% . . . the best ever result from any conference we have participated in. Thank you for making us look great!"
Vero (at Ausbrokers Conference)

"Running three 75 min workshops consecutively is not any easy task. However, we were extremely impressed with the level of enthusiasm, energy and professionalism you demonstrated. It seems that this workshop was the most well received, enjoyable, and above all useful workshop conducted on the day. It has certainly assisted Vero in setting ourselves apart from our competitors. I believe that the success of the workshops was largely due to your preparation and discussions with key Vero staff prior to the event. You clearly had an understanding of the insurance industry, the challenges our audience is facing in the future, as well as a thorough understanding of the key messages and differentiation Vero wanted to promote."
Vero (at IBNA Conference)

"Graeme was engaged to deliver a half-day presentation and workshop to Dunlop Foam sales, marketing and operations people. We were keen to get our team thinking creatively about some important issues, so Graeme kicked off with his keynote address, 'How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head'. This led into a workshop where Graeme facilitated discussion and idea generation around the topics of:

  • Handling sales objections
  • Increasing effectiveness between the Sales and Operations divisions.

Graeme perfectly reflected our brief in delivering a workshop that compelled our group to "buy in" to the true concept of creativity."
Dunlop Foam

"Your ability to mix humour and facilitate a workshop with realistic outcomes is a testament to your versatility. The "How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head" segment was well accepted and the delegates used the insights to work through the issue we agreed to address. Peppering the day with your different characters, stringing together industry jargon and issues then finishing with the tailored rock song kept our delegates engaged and entertained while still getting the job done!"

"Not only were you consistently labeled as one of the most entertaining and useful speakers, people thought your style and content were "fantastic" and "brilliant"! Many people thought that you were indeed the highlight of the event and found real value from your workshops."
Association & Communications Events

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