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A high-level conference or prestigious event is no place to experiment with an inexperienced MC, comedian or speaker. Graeme Bowman has a strong track record with blue-chip clients in the area of Consumer Goods and Retail.

He's a proven performer as a Hoax Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Corporate Comedian, Creative Thinking Presenter, Workshop Facilitator and Writer. All this adds up to someone whose ‘seriously quirky' approach adds genuine value and versatility to conferences, events, product launches and awards dinners.

Read the following testimonials, then watch these two short video clips:

Introduction to Graeme Bowman

Hoax Speaker
Introduction Hoax Speaker

You'll also discover, throughout this site, brief audio clips recorded in front of live audiences.

"An excellent MC and comic entertainer at our National Sales Conference."

"It was amazing to see how you managed to weave the key points from the briefing we provided into your material. We've had lots of great feedback. By the end of the day, everyone was ready to kick back, relax and enjoy a laugh together - and you helped set the scene wonderfully."

"The 700 Retravision delegates were very impressed. The Don (Burke) Dirt character mixing humour, impressions, singing and industry knowledge went over very well to the extent that most delegates voted it the 'Best Presentation' of the Conference."

"The way you blended a hoax speech with a real presentation on creative thinking was very entertaining, informative and thought provoking. Looking at the audience, there was a mixture of laughter, puzzled expressions and genuine appreciation for what you were doing. A great boost to our conference, with excellent feedback from delegates."

"At our national conference, which was themed around 'change', Graeme Bowman contributed to the outcome in a variety of ways. Apart from serving as Master of Ceremonies, facilitating discussion and injecting a good dose of humour, he also played a key role in three specific sessions: firstly, he delivered a comic hoax speech to open the conference, then opened up the delegate's minds with his presentation, 'How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head', then ran a 'team identity' session that fostered much interaction between delegates and helped identify what the Go Vita brand really meant to them. The feedback conducted was overwhelmingly "excellent" in the delegates comments, with quotes of what was said and what actions they were going to take as a result of Graeme's presentations."
Go Vita

"Our key core suppliers and franchisees were extremely impressed by Graeme's versatility and quick witted humour. It was clear he had thoroughly researched the audience, the company and the bedding and furniture industry."
Capt'n Snooze

"Graeme helped set the scene and facilitated a couple of relevant themed activities during a Strategy Alignment day. As a way of getting people's attention up front, Graeme assumed the character of a Trade Painter and proceeded to 'tell it like it is', focused around our theme of the Consumer needing to be at the heart of everything we do. The activities were tailored to our business, and promoted significant interaction and discussion, not the least of which was the activity around team behaviours, which was something we'll remember for a while to come! Graeme played a large part of keeping the day stimulating and fun, ensuring that people remained fresh, creative and focused on the task at hand. At the end of the day people walked away feeling fresh, rather than drained, and we had achieved what we came to do."
Dulux Group

"Thank you for all your help filming our ‘David Attenborough' themed conference training videos. Your creative ideas, work ethic, patience and commitment to filming overnight, appearing in the most outrageous places, made a huge contribution to the project. Your ability to transform into character was a great experience to watch and you are a true one take wonder."
Woolworths Liquor Group

"The conference opening which featured Graeme's impersonation of naturalist Bruce Attenborough and members of the ALSA committee, tracing the evolution of the liquor store owner from the Jurassic Age to the present and into the future, was indeed memorable. His hoax speech had the audience totally engrossed for at least 20 minutes before things started to fall apart in the funniest possible way. Of equal importance Graeme's skills as a professional MC were invaluable."
Australian Liquor Stores Association

"You did brilliantly, providing us with a script that was both flexible enough to accommodate all the different personalities speaking, and homogenous enough to make us all sound wildly intelligent and meaningful!"

"Thank you very much for participating in our round-Australia retailer conferences. Your versatility as a Master of Ceremonies and comedian certainly enhanced our whole day and helped convey those important messages to the audience."

"I could not believe how many dealers' heads were nodding sagely as you set off on more tangents than a geometry major."

"Philips Customer Day was a major worldwide event, involving over a quarter of a million personnel. The Melbourne part involved 200 people from all Philips divisions. A major challenge for us was to create a feeling of unity and common purpose among these people, to inject an appropriate balance of humour, entertainment and motivation into the event, ant to tie together all the various segments. Much of this task we handed over to Graeme Bowman. The overall effectiveness of Graeme's involvement was excellent. He rapidly broke the ice with a large group of people, struck the right balance between humour and serious business, and came across as someone who knew what he was talking about as regards caring for customers in today's marketplace."

"The hoax was so well done that the majority of the audience believed exactly what he was saying for most of the speech, and were very amused when they finally realised it was a hoax."
Laminex Industries

"Thank you for making our Improvement Recognition Day a memorable one. Your research made you a very credible ‘Dr Duane Spalding' and had most people fooled for longer than they cared to admit."

"Your presentations at our Gala Dinner greatly enhanced the sales conference."

"As always you are a calm and consummate professional. Last year was a brilliant success which very much hinged upon your delivery. This year you again shone with amazing writing, support and drive."
Hancock Events

"The hoax speech proved to be one of the highlights of our conference, with both the franchisees and our supplier trade partners certainly getting drawn in unsuspectingly to your professional and believable presentation."
NightOwl Convenience

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