OMG! u r 2 old 2 blog!
A humorous post I wrote soon after I started blogging.

SIEMENS Technical Print Ads (B2B)

Melbourne Business School (Corporate Brochure)
The aim of this corporate brochure was to position Melbourne Business School as a major global player in the field of management education and leadership development.

National Heart Foundation (Print Ad)

The Unity App (Article for GLOSS: Little Black Dress Group)
Because of my research into the complex issues surrounding the empowerment of women, I was invited to write this article for GLOSS magazine, a publication from the Little Black Dress Group. The article was based on a blog post I had written for Wise Women Will Save the World, of which I am Co-Founder.

Land of Innovations
Client: Australian Government
Aim: Raise awareness of Australia as a hotbed of innovation, with a thriving R&D community.
Concept: Create a series of quirky ‘postcards’, each of which tells a simple story about one or more innovations. Written in the voice of a tourist couple (Kev and Beryl), style and language are informal and colloquial, making each piece easily understood by people with no specialist knowledge. This approach also made them stand out from similar communications.

Highpoint Shopping Centre (Marketing brochure)

Prospectus: Wise Women Will Save the World
Apart from being the author, I am also Co-Founder of this initiative.

Trust Me, I’m a Hoax Speaker
A humorous blog post based on a true experience.

Extruded Metals (B2B Corporate Brochure)

Applied Chemicals B2B Brochure

Online Distribution B2B Brochure