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For over 30 years, on stage or screen, Graeme Bowman has made people laugh or think, as an actor, comedian, hoax speaker or Master of Ceremonies.

In the 'early days', before focusing on corporate performances, Graeme performed in a range of roles in TVCs, soaps and videos. At the same time, he was active on the Melbourne live comedy scene, and also appeared on several ‘Tonight’ style TV variety shows.

Scroll down to see several excerpts of Graeme’s video acting; some of these clips are often shown as part of his MC/Facilitation work at conferences.

Graeme also has a wealth of corporate comedy material that can be delivered in a single feature segment (often via a hoax speech) or interspersed throughout an entire conference or event. This material is usually combined with his work as an MC.

“Your flawless impersonation of the late Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen was a highlight of the evening, nothing but rave revues.”

Tasmanian Export Awards

"From the moment you stepped onto stage, you captivated the audience and your professional approach and capability was evident. The skits were brilliant and resonated with the delegates. Your background work paid off and hit the mark without offence – an art in itself."
Australian Society of Association Executives

“Thank you very much for your contribution to the recent anniversary dinner for the Victorian Government. This was a very prestigious event, with high profile politicians and industry leaders as far as the eye could see. The Premier made special mention of your contribution.”
Australian Business Theatre

Bruce Attenborough - David's 'brother'.

Bruce One of Graeme Bowman's most popular characters is David Attenborough's long lost brother, Bruce, who talks about the evolution of your organisation, industry or product.

This 'nature documentary' approach is often used to open a conference, product launch or awards presentation. It has also been used in corporate videos - in fact the clip on the Scriptwriter page shows snippets of Bruce taken from a series of training videos for Woolworths. An excerpt from a live Bruce Attenborough routine appears in Graeme’s introductory video on the Home page.

Graeme often opens conferences and events with his Attenborough routine, then usually becomes the Master of Ceremonies.

“The doctors loved the David Attenborough script.”
Merck, Sharp & Dohme

“Your David Attenborough opener was instrumental in setting the mood for the evening and was a wonderful icebreaker with our staff.”

“Thank you for all your help filming our ‘David Attenborough’ themed conference training videos. Your creative ideas, work ethic, patience and commitment to filming overnight, appearing in the most outrageous places, made a huge contribution to the project. Your ability to transform into character was a great experience to watch and you are a true one take wonder.”
Woolworths Liquor Group

“As those in attendance represented the cream of the Meetings Industry, it was not going to be easy to impress them. But impress them you did. Your hilarious opening, which saw naturalist Bruce Attenborough poke fun at our industry, before bursting into a high powered rock song complete with manic dancing, really came out of left field.”
Meetings Industry Association of Australia

Case Study: Recycling Meets Stupidity

The best thing about being a comedian or hoax speaker is that, unlike everyone else, you don’t have to hide your stupidity beneath a veneer of competence. In fact, one is actively encouraged to give full rein to one’s more idiotic thoughts and tendencies. Graeme’s own stupidity got a good workout when he created these two video clips shown at a waste management conference dinner. The clips poked fun at the bizarre ideas some people have about recycling and sustainability. (The other character in the clips is Graeme’s artist/performer son, Thomas.)