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Devil's advocate characters have a role in even the most serious of conferences and product launches, as their purpose is to raise, in a dramatic or comic way, the critical issues on the mind of the audience. These issues can be quite sensitive or controversial. Once highlighted, such issues can be addressed by a presenter.

Highly effective devil's advocate characters include:

  • A cynical audience member who jumps up from his seat and challenges the speaker.
  • A disgruntled customer who highlights a perceived weakness within the client's organisation. This weakness would generally be one that is about to be improved.
  • An arrogant competitor who enters the room by mistake and then boasts about their superiority in a certain area. Again, the area emphasised would be one the client is about to improve.
  • A grumpy shareholder who wants to know how company performance will be improved. The use of devil's advocated characters results in powerful communication that helps to deliver your message in a way that's fresh and memorable.

Australian Corporate Comedian, Graeme Bowman, can integrate any Devil's Advocate Characters into his role as a Master of Ceremonies and Facilitator.

“The variety of characters, which ranged from Austen Powers and a truckie through to a sales rep and a shareholder, added considerable value to the business presentations by highlighting key messages in a humorous but relevant fashion.”
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