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Difference Makers Friend

Are you a DifferenceMaker? Do you spend a lot of your time changing things for the better? If so, then, yes, you're a DifferenceMaker. Perhaps you're making a difference to your organisation or industry ... to society or the environment.

So what might you gain from The DifferenceMaker's Friend?

If the difference you make springs from your leadership, ideas or insights, then clearly you have a story to tell ... a message to convey ... people to inspire. But doing this requires genuine engagement, authentic communication and the ability to open people's minds.

This is where Graeme Bowman, The DifferenceMaker's Friend, comes in. Graeme can help you strengthen your message, develop a creative core for your story, and craft a compelling way to convey your ideas and insights to various audiences. Such communication paints a picture of future opportunities ... provokes discussion and interaction ... and energises and motivates individuals.

Effective, engaging communication is built upon a foundation of clarity, simplicity, dynamic design and delivery, and fresh creative concepts. Helping you develop effective, engaging communication is the space in which Graeme Bowman works ... and plays.

Who would benefit from working with The DifferenceMaker's Friend?

Established and aspiring speakers and authors

Senior executives wanting to develop their leadership platform

Change agents who need to inspire and influence various stakeholders

Experts wanting to establish a thought-leadership or issue-ownership position within their organisation or industry

Leaders who wish to communicate with employees or clients via video or audio newsletters

People wishing to re-purpose their offline content into online formats, or vice versa.

Technical or academic folk who know their ideas are too complex, or their writing or presenting style too formal, for the audience they now wish to reach.

What is the essence of Graeme's approach?

Graeme will be looking at your desire to make a difference from three angles, helping you discover and develop:
  • Identity
  • Ideas
  • Inspiration

The overlap between Identity, Ideas and Inspiration is your sweet spot - and your point of differentiation. This sweet spot is what you want other people to experience when they see you present live or in a video, when they listen to you on the phone or during a podcast, or when they read your book or blog. When you talk, write or lead from your sweet spot, that's when you can make a real difference - to yourself and to those around you.

But what do we mean by Identity, Ideas and Inspiration?

This is the sum of all those things that comprise ‘the real you'. It's your own unique blend of character and personality ... talents and interests ... physical and emotional attributes ... strengths and weaknesses.

We prefer to use the word Identity, as it goes deeper than ‘personal brand'. Unfortunately, the notion of personal brand is seen by many as a veneer fabricated for marketing purposes, gearing a person towards media grabs and photo opportunities.

Identity, as we are describing it here, is something deeply authentic that is revealed rather than tacked on. Yes, identity can be developed, but it's more of an emergent, nurturing process than a make-over.

This refers to your insights, wisdom and expertise. If you have a new approach to an old problem, a breakthrough concept, or an incredible personal transformation to share, this is what you and Graeme will be focusing on at this stage.

Importantly, you'll be digging deeply, discovering how your ideas tie in with your own background and identity, and how they may fit within the broader context of society, culture, commerce, nature, etc. When you link your ideas to both the big picture and the small details, and get people to see their world differently, that's when they'll start referring to you as a thought leader ... which in turn strengthens your identity in the areas of trust, respect and credibility.

We all have an identity, and we all have ideas, but these two qualities alone are not enough to make a difference. To get people to alter their thinking or behaviour, you need to be seen as a source of inspiration. You need to make people sit up and take notice, and motivate them to change through a series of Ah-hah! moments.

People are inspired when ‘it just feels right' to do something we suggest. This state of being is strongest when our message connects thoughts and feelings ... head and heart. Such a connection is made when we communicate creatively; for example by telling a story, outlining a case study or hypothetical example, and by using models, metaphors, analogies and humour to ensure our message is clear, simple, elegant and memorable.

There's a second source of inspiration to be discovered here, too: what is it that has inspired you to reach this point along your own journey? What is the inspiration behind your own ideas and identity, that is now going to flow through your message and inspire others?

The inspiration that people need to sense at this point is a unique blend of your energy, exuberance and commitment. It's also a spirit of meaning, purpose and connection.

So what is it about The DifferenceMaker's Friend that enables him to help people and organisations develop in the areas of Identity, Ideas and Inspiration? Well, if Graeme has a sweet spot, it lies in the overlap between Creativity, Communication and Comedy. (Elsewhere on this website, there's ample evidence of the work he's done for numerous blue-chip companies as a Writer, Comic Hoax Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Lateral Thinking Facilitator and Presentation Design and Delivery Coach.

Let's just say that, with Graeme on your team, your message will be closely examined through the eyes of a creative director, humorist, strategic thinker and presentation coach. He'll also put on his cynical audience member hat and challenge you every step of the way (in a very supportive manner of course). Importantly, you'll soon agree that his approach makes the whole exercise fun and doable.

While the emphasis in this outline is on the development of individuals, The DifferenceMaker's Friend approach can also be applied across an organisation, particularly where the organisation's identity is heavily intertwined with that of the leadership group. It's a big advantage in this situation to establish the connections between the individual stories of your leaders and the narrative of the organisation, and to harness individual identities to the strategic needs of the business.

Once you have uncovered your organisation's unique value-creating identity, this becomes a cornerstone of distinctive marketing and communications strategies, influencing areas such as:

  • Core differentiation
  • Positioning Statement
  • Brand Story
  • Internal Communications Plan
  • Iconic Identity Stories (stories your people tell each other and share with new recruits, to illustrate ‘what it means to work here')

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What Clients Say About Graeme Bowman

"There was a need for us to give some very complex, and possibly unsettling information about the future of our industry to the sales teams. How could we expect someone from outside the business to get it right when many insiders had trouble with the changes? Well you did get it right. Your script hit all the important issues and set the tone for the whole week."
SmithKline Beecham

"At our national conference, which was themed around 'change', Graeme Bowman contributed to the outcome in a variety of ways. Apart from serving as Master of Ceremonies, facilitating discussion and injecting a good dose of humour, he also played a key role in three specific sessions: firstly, he delivered a comic hoax speech to open the conference, then opened up the delegate's minds with his presentation, 'How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head', then ran a 'team identity' session that fostered much interaction between delegates and helped identify what the Go Vita brand really meant to them. The feedback conducted was overwhelmingly "excellent" in the delegates comments, with quotes of what was said and what actions they were going to take as a result of Graeme's presentations."
Go Vita

"Project Meridian recently finished a large-scale systems implementation. The project team wanted a facilitator to host an entertaining debrief that would give the project team members time to reflect and unwind. Graeme opened the event pretending to be an international guest and tricked the audience into thinking there was a new project they'd all need to be involved in. It was a hilarious ice breaker that had everyone talking for days. Graeme then facilitated the event by using interesting and humorous activities which by the end of the event had everyone sharing their experiences. Graeme had not been given a lot of information to work with and we were very impressed at how he still managed to understand the needs of the group and apply his facilitation skills to achieve our objectives."
Housing NSW

"Graeme helped set the scene and facilitated a couple of relevant themed activities during a Strategy Alignment day for the Dulux business. As a way of getting people's attention up front, Graeme assumed the character of a Trade Painter and proceeded to 'tell it like it is', focused around our theme of the Consumer needing to be at the heart of everything we do. Given the nature of the day, it was important for the teams to get mentally active and do some fun activities that built on the core purpose as well as on the team culture between two different business units. Graeme facilitated two themed energisers to do just that. The activities were tailored to our business, and promoted significant interaction and discussion, not the least of which was the activity around team behaviours, which was something we'll remember for a while to come! At the end of the day people walked away feeling fresh, rather than drained, and we had achieved what we came to do."
Dulux Group

"You did brilliantly, providing us with a script that was both flexible enough to accommodate all the different personalities speaking, and homogenous enough to make us all sound wildly intelligent and meaningful!"

"Graeme's creative inspiration enabled each of the three divisions to communicate their specific plans in an entertaining and memorable fashion. Well before the National Sales Conference, he participated in an intensive briefing session at which he helped us to explore the business issues that needed addressing, and how they may best be presented. He assisted ten presenters with the writing of their speeches, helping each one to convey important messages in a manner that was clear, concise and motivational."
Carter Holt Harvey

"Your scripting and speaker support material accurately reflected the input you gained through interviews with our senior management, and whilst it encapsulated several important but complicated concepts, you sympathetically pitched these to an appropriate level of sophistication for our audience."

Contact Graeme now, to discuss how he could help you or your organisation make a real difference.

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