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A high-level conference or prestigious event is no place to experiment with an inexperienced MC, comedian or speaker. Graeme Bowman has a strong track record with blue-chip clients in the area of Food and Beverages.

He's a proven performer as a Hoax Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Corporate Comedian, Creative Thinking Presenter, Workshop Facilitator and Writer. All this adds up to someone whose ‘seriously quirky' approach adds genuine value and versatility to conferences, events, product launches and awards dinners.

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Introduction to Graeme Bowman

Hoax Speaker
Introduction Hoax Speaker

You'll also discover, throughout this site, brief audio clips recorded in front of live audiences.

"Your portrayal of a senior German business executive was very impressive. You had the audience wondering for quite some time and, as the hoax became more apparent, there was widespread hysterical laughter. We could not have wished for a better result."
Coca Cola

"I was very pleased with how our launch turned out. Your impersonation of a Coca-Cola Vice President from head office in Atlanta seemed to have everyone fooled, yet despite their enjoyment of your antics, the presentation of the 'serious' material came across very clearly."
Coca Cola Amatil

"You proved to be a very big hit - from the hoax Frenchman, to the MC work, and to the AC-DC close. You had clearly researched our business well and gave the conference a huge dose of energy at the right moments."
Frucor Beverages

"Many thanks for your professional performance at our Vendor of the Year Awards Dinner. From the look on people's faces - ‘is he for real' - to hearing the audience laugh certainly balanced the more serious side of our dinner."

"Graeme's quick wit made a lasting impression on the Premier and was definitely one of the highlights of his day. The reaction from our guests was fantastic."
Carlton & United Breweries

"Cerebos hired Graeme to MC our Leadership Scholarship Awards evening. In a number of his special guises Graeme provided the following services:

  • Meet and greet participants as they enter the cocktail party venue
  • Do a 'hoax' spot prior to the award giving ceremony, and
  • Do a final spot after the awards to keep all the attendees in a light hearted mode.

He performed these duties superbly. His preparation was thorough, his pace was perfect, he hooked people into the performance right from the start and then it was like a ‘dance of the seven veils' as he gradually revealed his true identity and purpose. The content was hilarious and tailored beautifully to our occasion and our audience. In particular his speedy word perfect clever delivery and merciless skewering of our elaborate use of acronyms had people in stitches."

"The vast majority of our audience was totally fooled, with many comments such as: I have not laughed that much in years."
Australasian Soft Drink Association

"As things started to unravel, it was amazing how long it took some sales people to realise it was all a hoax."

"At our national sales and marketing conference, your hoax speech really hit the mark. And the personalised jokes gave us all a great opportunity to have a good laugh at our colleagues."
Patties Foods

"Your ability to mix humour and facilitate a workshop with realistic outcomes is a testament to your versatility. The "How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head" segment was well accepted and the delegates used the insights to work through the issue we agreed to address. Peppering the day with your different characters, stringing together industry jargon and issues then finishing with the tailored rock song kept our delegates engaged and entertained while still getting the job done!"

"Thank you for all your help filming our ‘David Attenborough' themed conference training videos. Your creative ideas, work ethic, patience and commitment to filming overnight, appearing in the most outrageous places, made a huge contribution to the project. Your ability to transform into character was a great experience to watch and you are a true one take wonder."
Woolworths Liquor Group

"The conference opening, which featured Graeme's impersonation of naturalist Bruce Attenborough and members of the ALSA committee, tracing the evolution of the liquor store owner, was indeed memorable. His hoax speech as Dr George Connor had the audience totally engrossed for at least 20 minutes before things started to fall apart in the funniest possible way. Of equal importance, Graeme's skills as a professional MC were invaluable, and he facilitated several panel discussions with audience participation with finesse and excellent timing."
Australian Liquor Stores Association

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