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This energising and intellectually stimulating activity looks at creating a new product and launching it. In particular, it explores the ‘people stuff' that can derail this type of process. Each small cross-functional group creates a two minute skit that sends up a crisis meeting about a doomed product launch.

Here's the scenario: you work, not for your own company, but for the fictitious Acme Enterprises, which makes the same products/services you do. Your team is totally committed to the launch of what is supposed to be an amazing new product. The first TVC is going to air this evening ... the trade and the retailers have all been whipped into a frenzy ... they've been promised the world.

But there's a slight problem ... it's a complete dud. This may be due to:

  • Poor planning
  • Sub-standard materials
  • Flaws in packaging, market research, marketing strategy
  • Problems with advertising concepts

(You would choose problems that could occur in your own company.)

The Managing Director has heard about the impending disaster, and is demanding an explanation of what has gone wrong. This is what your crisis meeting is about, to work out what to say to the boss!

But wait! There's more! Everyone in this crisis meeting has major flaws in their own character, personality and management style. For example, they may:

  • Have their own personal agendas
  • Be quick to blame others
  • Lack customer focus

In developing their skit, participants lampoon those attitudes and behaviours that sabotage organisational success. Lots of laughs, but also important learning during the debrief as they discuss questions such as:

  • What are the same old people problems that occur, year after year, in all organisations?
  • In our own organisation, what systems and processes do we have in place to minimise the stuff-ups caused by these people problems, and how can we improve them?

Another great workshop for cross-functional groups, where each person should take on a different role to the one they have in real life.

Depending on client requirements, Graeme often integrates this workshop with one of his other Better Business Workshops or creative thinking presentations: ‘How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head’ or ‘Uncork Your Creative Genie’. He may also serve as Master of Ceremonies or Facilitator for your overall event. Visit these pages to get a better feel for his unique approach.