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Hoax Speaker The Master of Ceremonies and Guest Speaker for your event is an English or American gentleman with a fairly innocent sounding name like George Connor. George is now living in Australia and has two main attributes: he is a very experienced MC, and it just so happens that he also has a strong background in your industry.

As MC, he is very professional, respectful and energetic, with a good sense of humour.

George's professionalism and credibility are also obvious during the first few minutes of his after dinner speech. But gradually that credibility gets stretched to breaking point, as his presentation goes off on all sort of tangents. And some of his ideas and opinions don't seem to stack up.

The result is that, for most of George's speech, the audience is roaring with laughter.To hear some of that laughter right now, listen to the audio clips below and watch the video clip.

After the hoax speech, George reveals himself to be Australian corporate comedian, Graeme Bowman, and any further MC duties are conducted by Graeme.

Now enjoy the video and audio clips on this page, then see how Graeme's hoax and MC work can also be combined with a product launch and a genuine keynote on creative thinking: Product Launch, ‘Uncork your Creative Genie.


What Graeme's clients have to say:

"Graeme Bowman was Master of Ceremonies at the NSW Business Chamber Annual Awards Dinner. He took on the character of 'Elwood Jefferson', an American news reporter in Sydney preparing for a new show. This hoax worked fantastically well. Attendees were thoroughly captivated by this slightly quirky and off beat character."
NSW Business Chamber

"Your performance as Master of Ceremonies and your delivery of a hoax speech was superb and really made a difference to the Awards ceremony."

Seafarers Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority

"Thanks for keeping what might otherwise have been a dull gathering rollicking along."
Tony Abbott, MHR