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Graeme Bowman is highly regarded as a Master of Ceremonies and Facilitator for conferences, product launches, awards presentations and special events. The more complex the event, the more you need the range of skills such a professional brings. It's all about helping you achieve the business goals you've set for the event, while keeping your people awake, engaged and focused. From facilitating serious discussions about controversial issues, or running one of his Better Business Workshops, right through to serving as a light-hearted MC at a Gala Dinner, Graeme has what it takes to get results. (See testimonials and listen to audio clips below.)

A big key to Graeme's success is his ability to switch from funny to formal and back again, as the mood and nature of the event requires. For example, at a Gala Dinner or Awards Night, his first appearance is often in a crumpled shirt and shorts, as David Attenborough's long lost brother, Bruce, who delivers a hilarious routine about the evolution of your organisation. He may then launch into a rock song also tailored to your audience.

But a few minutes later, Graeme is back on stage, dressed in a suit. Most importantly, he treats the formal part of his MC role with restraint. This means that if he is introducing a VIP, he does it respectfully. And if he has a role to play during an awards presentation, he knows that the award winners are the heroes. (The last thing you want at this time is an MC who makes fun of the winners or sponsors.)

By the way, a Hoax Speech can be combined with a Master of Ceremonies role, to create a Hoax MC. (There are several audio excerpts from Graeme's hoaxes below.)

At a lengthy conference, what people need most, in between business presentations, is a mental or physical breather. Graeme can provide that through short humorous routines and stretch breaks. For such conferences, Graeme can also:

  • Help you design an engaging agenda
  • Weave together the event's various themes and messages
  • Manage a panel discussion or open forum
  • Interview senior executives on stage
  • Extract inspiring case studies from audience members
  • Facilitate one of his Better Business Workshops.
  • Transform into a Devil’s Advocate Character, in order to raise a controversial issue in a dramatic or humorous manner

Oh, and if your audience is staying at a luxury hotel, he may show his quirky video clip, ‘Hotel Etiquette’, to ensure they know how to behave. (Watch it now!)

Also, when appearing in the role of MC or Facilitator, particularly at a long conference, Graeme is often asked to contribute in other areas eg as a Speech Writer, Presentation Skills Coach or Keynote Speaker delivering ‘How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head'.

Now read what Graeme's clients say:

"Thank you for an amazing performance. You certainly helped to pull a very challenging afternoon into a successful event, ensuring the message was well received. Your evening component was thoroughly enjoyed, with many commenting after the event on how entertaining your various acts were, and the professionalism of the MC'ing."

ANZ Rural Banking

"It was terribly important that we had an MC that could carry the evening, with such a diverse range of industries represented. You did brilliantly."
Australian Institute of Project Management (NSW)

"His dual role as MC and entertainer managed to retain the interest of hundreds of staff. He delivered five times in five weeks, without missing a beat."

"You proved to be a very big hit - from the hoax Frenchman, to the MC work, and to the AC-DC close. You had clearly researched our business well and gave the conference a huge dose of energy at the right moments."
Frucor Beverages

“One of our Directors said that your ability to link the whole day together was the best she has ever seen an MC do.”
Business Improvement in Government (Qld)

“A very big thank you for the superb job you undertook as MC of our Gala Dinner. It is the first time for many years the night has run according to the agenda, and the entertainment you provided was priceless.”
Facilities Management Association

“You brought out the best in the senior executives you interviewed on stage. The interview with our new Managing Director was particularly important, and added a great deal of value, as it was the first time many of the audience had seen him.”
Lucent Technologies

“Project Meridian recently finished a large-scale systems implementation. The project team wanted a facilitator to host an entertaining debrief that would give the project team members time to reflect and unwind. Graeme opened the event pretending to be an international guest and tricked the audience into thinking there was a new project they’d all need to be involved in. It was a hilarious ice breaker that had everyone talking for days. Graeme then facilitated the event by using interesting and humorous activities which by the end of the event had everyone sharing their experiences. Graeme had not been given a lot of information to work with and we were very impressed at how he still managed to understand the needs of the group and apply his facilitation skills to achieve our objectives.”
Housing NSW