What is the most important yet difficult question in the world today?

How do we speed up the dismantling of patriarchy?

Many leading thinkers across the globe agree that progress around every single wicked problem, from climate change to human trafficking to family violence, is retarded by the toxic, archaic beliefs and behaviours that stem from patriarchy.

Patriarchy is the elephant in the room. And it’s time to name it – from the boardroom to the bedroom. That’s my intention, to kickstart within mainstream organisations what I call Courageous Conversations around this flawed worldview.

The way I see it, there’s no point trying to ‘fix’ the mega issues we face worldwide if we are not simultaneously chipping away at systems and cultures that perpetuate patriarchal norms. As I like to say:

Trying to improve society without understanding patriarchy is like trying to go to the moon without understanding gravity.

I have been developing a body of material about what I see as the current – albeit slow and bumpy – transition from a patriarchal to non-patriarchal human operating system. I’ve titled this communications project Pozzy to Cozzy (Freeing our Planet from Patriarchy).

  • Pozzy is my term for a P-OS or Pyramid Operating System, which is today’s dominant and dysfunctional way of being, living and working.
  • Cozzy stands for a C-OS or Circle Operating System, which is a new, more nurturing way of leading and functioning, one that has been struggling to emerge for some time, but which is now poised to expand exponentially.

I explain the Pozzy to Cozzy concept in this short video. Please watch it now, as the model and message it articulates form the basis of my keynote and workshop.

In that video, you would have seen reference to ‘the word on the street’ reaction against the Pozzy being
Enough is Enough. Recent manifestations of ‘Enough is Enough’ have been Brexit and Trump’s election. However, these bizarre responses unfortunately don’t represent a move towards the Cozzy; they are primarily an irrational lashing out against incumbent power structures. I’m sure history will eventually show Trump and Brexit to be little more than replacing one type of Pozzy dysfunction with another.

Somewhere along the way, you and I and a few million other people have to create a tangible Cozzy alternative that people truly perceive as a viable way forward, a clear path that can gradually take us out of this mess. Currently there’s too much of a vacuum, which is what allows the Trump Types to grab a seat at the table, be that table in the Oval Office or your own board room.

The Keynote/Workshop

The aim of the Pozzy to Cozzy keynote/workshop is to provide context, frame the core issue and stimulate the deepest of discussions (Courageous Conversations) around notions of patriarchy, privilege, entitlement, diversity, ethical leadership and sustainable business. The intention is to get people to open up more than they have before, and talk about issues that, within their own organisation, may previously have been considered taboo. The time for tip-toeing around the elephant in the room is over – it’s time to dive head-first into the too hard basket. (There’s too much at stake not to.)

Apart from exposing patriarchy as the systemic root cause of the world's worst problems, my interactive presentation also explores:

  • societal and organisational trends that are moving us away from traditional command and control forms of leadership
  • and the potentially huge benefits for a business or organisation aligning itself with this progressive transition towards a more sustainable, equitable and ethical world.

Spiced with humour, art, poetry and stories that are both confronting and inspiring, Pozzy to Cozzy is most suited to audiences at senior executive level from organisations that realise the old ways are no longer working when it comes to dealing with complex challenges and opportunities. It suits groups who have come to the conclusion that, both within and beyond their organisation, a holistic and collaborative approach is required to deal with deep, systemic problems.

I should point out that Pozzy to Cozzy not only encapsulates my own thinking, but also reflects my interpretation of deep insights from leading thinkers such as Gloria Steinem, Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, John Elkington, Charles Eisenstein and many others.

My thinking around the root causes of global problems also gave rise to the concepts underpinning the embryonic initiative, Wise Women Will Save the World, of which I am Co-Founder. To be totally transparent, this project is currently in a holding pattern due to a lack of funding. I’m hopeful that any speaking fees resulting from Pozzy to Cozzy presentations will enable me to devote the time required to develop it further. This prospectus provides a brief insight into the initiative.

If you feel a Pozzy to Cozzy keynote and/or workshop could kickstart some vital discussions with your own people, please get in touch to discuss possibilities.