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When Barack Obama is delivering a great speech, what's going on beneath the surface? What proven techniques is he using? And what techniques did his writers use when crafting the speech?

These same tips and techniques can also improve your own presentations. And Graeme Bowman can show them to you. Regardless of whether you're an American President or an Australian CEO, your objectives are the same when you get up to speak - you want to explain, persuade and motivate. You want to come across as a confident, engaging, influential presenter. Graeme can help you take a further step along this path.

Importantly, Graeme walks his talk. Currently one of Australia's leading
Corporate Comedians, Masters of Ceremony and Creativity Speakers, Graeme is out there doing it, experiencing all types of audiences and presenters, constantly rediscovering what works and what doesn't.

Graeme can coach individuals or small groups, or outline proven presentation strategies to a much larger audience, through a keynote address. If it is practical, this large audience can then break into small groups, where individuals can support each other. The main thing is to deliver value to your group in whatever way suits your specific situation.

Graeme's sessions can cover:

  • Designing and structuring your presentation
  • Building on your own style and personality
  • The use of movement and gesture to anchor key points
  • Weaving stories into your presentation
  • Adding wit and humour
  • How to use your voice to make an impact and retain interest
  • Using lateral thinking tools to create an unusual, quirky or theatrical approach. (Great when you really need to stand out; eg at a product launch.)

Graeme's approach to coaching is very flexible. Depending on your own style, experience and attributes, you may wish to concentrate on just one or two skills, or a whole range.

Also, if it's not practical for you and Graeme to meet face to face, good progress can still be made remotely. A quick review of a video or audio clip of one of your presentations can give rise to some equally quick advice.

Graeme's coaching forms part of his flagship DifferenceMaker's Friend service, where he brings together a range of skills to boost people's ability to make a difference to their organisation or to society, via effective, engaging communication.

If communicating well is important to your organisation's success, or to your own career prospects, make the decision today to take your presentation skills to the next level. But right now, check out the video and audio clips on this site, to see Graeme in action, and to get a feel for whether you’d like to work with him.

For stacks of free tips and insights into presenting, click below to visit Graeme's page, 'Creative Presentation Skills', from which you can jump to web resources from other top Australian and international experts.