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Have you ever been baffled by a brochure stuffed with jargon?

Have you ever watched a corporate video then suddenly realised - this is the same as everyone else's?

Have you ever dozed off during a conference because the speaker couldn't hold your attention?

Of course you have; you know exactly what it''s like to be the victim of poor communication. And the last thing you can afford is to inflict that same pain on your own customers or colleagues.

Graeme Bowman can help you avoid these problems, through good writing. And good writing is good for business.
(See case studies and testimonials below.)

For over two decades, Graeme has been helping top Australian organisations to communicate more effectively. His creative insight and keen writing skills have been applied across a wide range of projects:

* Speeches for senior executives

* Scripts for corporate videos, comedy routines, business theatre
Click here for clips showcasing Graeme as both writer and performer.
Click here for clips showcasing Graeme as writer only.

* Copy for websites, blogs, brochures, advertisements

Click here for copywriting examples.

With a background that includes a Bachelor of Science, Diploma of Education and several years teaching experience, Graeme is well practised at communicating complex concepts in a simple way.

So whether you need to deliver a message about environmental sustainability, your new product, or your strategic direction, Graeme can help create a message that is clear and concise, that projects a sense of leadership, that shifts attitudes and inspires action.

Because Graeme is also a Corporate Comedian, Master of Ceremonies, Hoax Speaker and Lateral Thinking Facilitator, creative and humorous concepts are second nature to him. In fact, one of his specialties is the creation of low cost Product Launch concepts based on humour.

By the way, Graeme's writing work can be integrated
into his flagship DifferenceMaker's Friend service, where he brings together a range of skills to boost people's ability to make a difference to their organisation or to society, via effective, engaging communication. Check it out.

Avoid the predictable. Avoid the ho-hum. Contact Graeme Bowman today.

Good writing is good for business.

Case Study: Woolworths BWS (Video)
Graeme wrote and acted
in a series of training videos for Woolworths BWS, aimed at changing staff behaviour in areas such as safety, customer service, teamwork and responsible service of alcohol. The creative concept was based on a nature documentary, so Graeme's 'David Attenborough' character was used as the presenter. Here are some excerpts:

Case Study: AustralianSuper (Online Video)

Click here to watch a simple online video module created for AustralianSuper. It’s aimed at educating grass-roots workers about the complex topics of Asset Classes and Risk vs Return. Graeme wrote a series of modules for AustralianSuper, which were also available on CD-ROM.

Gallipoli – Two Sides (Conference Video)
This clip was shown at an Istanbul conference of Australian delegates just before Anzac Day. The clip complemented some simultaneous live action that added to the mood and gave further context to the piece. My direct client had been asked to create a presentation on Gallipoli that framed the conflict differently from how it is usually portrayed.

Writing Demo (the early years)
Most writing of a sales and marketing nature dates back to the pre-2000 period of Graeme's career. These excerpts showcase his versatility as a corporate script writer.

Case Study: The Story of Ireland (Audiovisual)

One day the phone rang and Graeme was asked if he could convey the history of Ireland in under five minutes. Yeah, why not? In conjunction with leading communication company, abt, he created the unique theme of ‘Comings and Goings’, and took an impressionistic approach to the scripting of a powerful, large-screen audiovisual. This was based on semi-abstract imagery closely integrated with the precise stage positions of an esteemed Irish historian presenting a live narration. Here it is:

"The scripts and speeches were all excellent."


"Your speeches were spot-on, and I marvelled at your immediate grasp of all those technical things."

"You did brilliantly, providing us with a script that was both flexible enough to accommodate all the different personalities speaking, and homogenous enough to make us all sound wildly intelligent and meaningful!"

"Thank you very much for the words you put into my mouth for the VANA conference. You managed once again, not only to capture the message our clients wanted to deliver, but you were able to put it into words which suited me perfectly. You have the ability to understand the individual speech-maker and write accordingly."
Michael Schildberger

"Graeme's creative inspiration enabled each of the three divisions to communicate their specific plans in an entertaining and memorable fashion. Well before the National Sales Conference, he participated in an intensive briefing session at which he helped us to explore the business issues that needed addressing, and how they may best be presented. He assisted ten presenters with the writing of their speeches, helping each one to convey important messages in a manner that was clear, concise and motivational."
Carter Holt Harvey

"There was a need for us to give some very complex, and possibly unsettling information about the future of our industry to the sales teams. How could we expect someone from outside the business to get it right when many insiders had trouble with the changes? Well you did get it right. Your script hit all the important issues and set the tone for the whole week."
SmithKline Beecham

"Your scripting and speaker support material accurately reflected the input you gained through interviews with our senior management, and whilst it encapsulated several important but complicated concepts, you sympathetically pitched these to an appropriate level of sophistication for our audience."

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