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Hoax Speaker

Presented by a world renowned innovation guru.

Or is he?

Entertain and challenge even the most hardened conference audience with this unique keynote and workshop from Australian corporate comedian and lateral thinking expert, Graeme Bowman.

Can your people tell if something is true or false? Real or fake? More to the point, when our 'guru' takes the stage, will your audience be able to separate fact from fiction? Because, in this unique presentation, your audience is going to get both: genuine tips on how to think more creatively, plus a hearty dose of codswallop. And plenty of laughs. To hear some of those laughs right now, take in the video and audio clips on this page.

This 'guru' is actually Graeme Bowman, not only one of Australia’s leading corporate comedians, but also an experienced Lateral Thinking Facilitator. So Graeme is well qualified to take your audience on a highly stimulating intellectual roller-coaster, while also outlining skills and attitudes that create innovative ideas.

Uncork Your Creative Genie combines the Hoax Speaker concept with key elements from 'How to Suck Great Ideas out of Your Head'. A similar approach can also be used to lead into a Six Thinking Hats Workshop or Better Business Workshop.

Now enjoy the video and audio clips on this page.

Serious Earnest

"The session you delivered was tremendous. Conference feedback scored it at 93% . . . the best ever result from any conference we have participated in."

"The way you blended a hoax speech with a real presentation on creative thinking was very entertaining, informative and thought provoking. Looking at the audience, there was a mixture of laughter, puzzled expressions and genuine appreciation for what you were doing. A great boost to our conference, with excellent feedback from delegates."

"Uncork your Creative Genie was not only very entertaining, but also carried with it an informative message . . . an extremely positive response from our delegates."
Aged Care Association of Victoria

"The session was extremely well researched and put together by Graeme, and his ability to deceive a somewhat cynical audience was testament to his talent."
Victoria Police

“Not only were you consistently labelled as one of the most entertaining and useful speakers, people thought your style and content were “fantastic” and “brilliant”! Many people thought that you were indeed the highlight of the event and found real value from your workshops.”

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